Diet Food with Flavor

     The saying goes that at least 80% of weight loss is done in the kitchen.  So why are we always seeing the same unseasoned dishes over and over? Eating healthy doesn't have to be boring!  The purpose of this blog is to provide some direction on simple diet hacks for flavor.

     Let's take rice, for example. Instead of just plain everyday rice lets give it a little Persian flair.  Take your white rice and season (salt and pepper) as you normally do.  While the rice cooks prepare the following ingredients.  Saffron- maybe take out 5 sprigs (or hairs... they're pretty small) per half cup of rice.  In a coffee cup, crush up the saffron until a fine powder has been made. 

    Pour in about 2 tablespoons of hot water into the coffee cup.  Mix well and add to the rice when the rice is about 1 minute near from being finished. 

Note: Long Grain Rice usually takes about 10 minutes to cook completely.

      Consider all the possibilities!  You can take that same rice and add in half a lime juice with zest of lime and chopped cilantro.  Simply delicious! 

     The trick is to serve and prep food that you can get excited about. Looking forward to the next meal is natural in any restrictive diet.  Make it easy on yourself with some easy tricks to literally "spice" things up. Ask yourself this question: what can I do to spice up my diet?  


     Dill is another underutilized herb that packs a powerful flavor punch.  Try a sprinkle on your next chicken or rice dish.  Garlic is also a versatile flavor enhancer. The next time you boil some farm fresh broccoli, add crushed garlic to the water.  Approximately 1 clove for each cup of water you use.  This is a simple, cheap and amazing way to flavor up any dish!

     Other simple favorites are chili lime rub, or hot sauce which in my house, goes with just about anything.

     However, my personal favorite is my glorious air fryer.  These new machines make the most amazing deep fried dishes, all without the oil.  Just hot air being spun around and around... much like my blogs!   

     Check those nutrition labels, explore and experiment! Make your healthy eating as fun as you can and if you'd like some more awesome ideas follow us on